Original Art by Tracy-Lynn Chisholm
Original Art by Tracy-Lynn Chisholm
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CV & Artist Statement


Colour is my medicine, the electricity of hues both excite and ground me, and through the process of painting I indulge my wild imagination and follow this playful heart. I use my brush as a vehicle for colour, no matter the subject or medium I’m continuously drawn to the joyful brilliance of hues, whether it’s a contemporary landscape or a wide eyed character my work’s stamped with a dramatic love of colour.

Mediums of choice are oils/landscapes and acrylics/illustrative; both styles begin with a coloured wash in preparation for a top application of richly loaded brushes that leave delicious heavy brushstrokes, heavy tones are applied first, then finished with tints to achieve a final signature glow.

It is my belief that by surrounding ourselves with the things we love we bring peace and harmony in to our environments. My intent is to create colourful narratives that leave the viewer feeling uplifted; filling a space with the frequency of joy is my greatest bliss!

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” -Rumi


Tracy-Lynn Chisholm is a professional artist based in South Glengarry Ontario. She is a self- trained self-starter who registered her first artisanal business ‘TLC Collectibles’ in 1995, and in 2001 upon completion of the Self Employment Assistance Program expanded business and opened her first public fine art studio ‘Serenity Studio’.

In 2012 Chisholm partnered with professional artist Emily MacLeod and together established OBO studios (our beautiful obsession), in 2018 they grew their operations and opened the Cline House Gallery (2020 Covid shutdowns forced storefront studio closure, future operations pending).

Throughout the past 25 years Tracy-Lynn’s continually refined her skills as artist, instructor, curator, entrepreneur and a community leader in the arts. Her spirited enthusiasm for creativity is infectious and has drawn clients, students & peers to return to her offerings year after year.  She currently works from home, nestled in the woods in her charming century old log house with her partner Marc and their silly French bulldog Earl, joyfully painting her days away.


2001-2021 Tracy-Lynn/Serenity Studio, South Glengarry, ON, Owner, Artist, Instructor (2006-2010 Co-op Director, Events Co-ordinator, Curator)

2012-2021 OBO studios (Our Beautiful Obsession, co-owed with Emily MacLeod) Cornwall, Owner, Instructor, Events Co-ordinator, Curator

2018-2020 Cline House Gallery (co-owned with Emily MacLeod) Cornwall, ON
Owner, Events Co-ordinator, Curator

1995-2001 TLC Collectibles, Martintown, ON, Owner, Artist, Merchant


2012-2020 OBO studios, Cornwall, ON

2006-2011 Serenity Studio, Cornwall, ON

2004-2006 Sue’s Art Gallery, Cornwall, ON


2006 ‘Essence’, Serenity Studio, Cornwall, ON
1999 ‘The Little Pleasures’, Cornwall Regional Art Gallery, Cornwall ON


2020 Cline House Gallery, Cornwall, ON (2018-2020)
2020 OBO studios, Cornwall, ON (2012-2017)

2019 Apples and Art Studio Tour, Cornwall, ON (1999-2019)
2019 Focus Art Juried Show, Cornwall, ON (2005-2019)
2014 ‘Small Wonders’ Cornwall Regional Art Gallery, ON

2014 Cornwall Regional Art Gallery Juried Show, Cornwall, ON (1999-2014)

2013 Kingston’s Women’s Art Festival, Kingston, ON (2006-2013)
2011 One of a Kind Show, Toronto, ON (2009-2011)
2011 Signatures Show, Ottawa, ON (2009-2011, 2002)
2008 Art in the Park, Ottawa, ON (2006-2008)
2007 ‘Transformations’ Cornwall Regional Art Gallery, Cornwall, ON
2004 Arts in the Village, Montreal, QC


2016 ‘Kindness Project’ mosaic mural, Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall, ON
2015 Ontario Chamber of Commerce AGM Art Ambassador, Cornwall, ON

2015 Choose Cornwall Streetscape Banner Project, Cornwall, ON
2014 ‘Love My Life’ Installation Project, Eastern Ontario Health Unit, Cornwall, ON

2012 ‘Big House Hug' Project, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Cornwall, ON

2012 ‘Flora' murals, Canadian Mental Health Association, Cornwall, ON

2011 ‘Pitt & Second’ Mural Fence Project with ‘Wall Dogs’, Cornwall, ON

2010 ‘Jungle’ murals, Seaway Valley Community Health Centre, Cornwall, ON
2009 ‘Joe St-Denis’ mural, Cornwall Community Hospital, ON
2008 ‘Topsy Turvy’ murals, Centre de Santé de L’Estrie Health, Cornwall, ON
2006 ‘Communauté’ mural, Centre de Santé de L’Estrie Health Centre, Cornwall, ON


2018-2020 Cline House Gallery, bi-monthly exhibits

2012-2017 OBO studios, bi-annual group exhibits

2006-2010  Serenity Studio, Co-op Director


2002-2004 Director of SD&G Apples and Art Studio Tour


Magazine,“Designing an Artful Life-A Beautiful Obsession”, June 2009


2004 Best Home Based Business Woman’s Entrepreneur of Cornwall