Original Art by Tracy-Lynn Chisholm
Original Art by Tracy-Lynn Chisholm
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I discovered a little while ago that if you don’t listen to the calling of your heart you’ll end up dissatisfied every time.  Throughout my twenties I desperately moved from one profession to the next (all while doing my art on the side), attempting everything from mundane office jobs to working in a prison as a guard.  Always unhappy, I found myself chasing that elusive employer who was going to grant me my ticket to stability, a good pension, and true happiness

Once I realized that I couldn’t find happiness outside of myself I went inside, and that’s when I took a leap of faith to follow a lifelong dream.  That was  over twenty years ago, I had no clue what I was doing nor where I was going, but I did know one thing for sure that I did not feel complete unless I had a paintbrush in hand.

So, that’s when this wildly motivated self-taught artist and fledgling entrepreneur took flight.  I worked hard and then worked even harder (one summer I slept in my car every Friday night in order to get a booth in an out of town Saturday market) all was in the pursuit of making a living at what I so passionately loved to do.

Year after year my little sparks grew, painting flourished to exhibiting, then to community murals, building juicy studios, teaching countless creatives, and operating a commercial gallery, all while enthusiastically encouraging every kindred spirit I met along the way.

Climbing the ‘love job mountain’ has been quite the adventure with phenomenal success and beautiful burnouts peppered along the way, and with all its twists and turns (yes, Covid, I’m talking to you) the secret has been to just keep on climbing!  I owe a million thanks to my tribe (its because of people like you that I keep doing what I do) who exuberantly support the new work year after year, frankly I couldn’t have made it this far without you.

These days I’m nestled in our charming log home in the woodlands of South Glengarry (Eastern Ontario, Canada) with my partner Marc and our silly French bulldog Earl, serenely painting my days away and feeling blessed beyond measure for all the crazzzzy seeds of courage planted yesterday.  I’d be fibbing if I said any of this creative life was easy but I’d be misleading if I told you there’s any better way ~ Be Brave and Make Your Way!

Oodles of Love,

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